If you are a commuting rider, you might question the credibility of using a motorcycle phone mount. But these smart gadgets like phone mount come in handy for adventure riders. Especially if you are exploring your way, you will need a phone mount for proper navigation. 

I am a huge fan of biking adventures, and this thing has changed my touring experience. At first, you might be reluctant to use a motorcycle phone mount. And some of you might say that there is no need to spend money on a motorcycle phone mount when you have Bluetooth. 

But unlike Bluetooth that only gives you verbal commands while navigating, you can get visual navigation using a phone mount. You can place the motorcycle phone mount on your handlebar to leisurely enjoy your motorcycle ride. 

To sum it, motorcycle phone mounts are among the most inexpensive motorcycle gears. We have examined some of the best-selling motorcycle phone mounts that can become a pleasant addition to your biking gear repository. 

Here is a list of Best Motorcycle Mounts in 2021 & 2022

  • Roam Universal Premium Mount
  • Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount
  • Metal Motorcycle Mount
  • Universal Motorcycle Control Mount
  • Upgraded 2021 Motorcycle Mount
  • Metal Bike & Motorcycle Mount
  • Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Mount
  • Mongoora Motorcycle Mount 

Roam Universal Premium Mount 

Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount for Motorcycle


  • The main supportive bar of the motorcycle phone mount contains metal construction.
  • The clip and handle of the motorcycle phone mount are of heavy plastic
  • The phone mount contains four stretchable silicone straps
  • The motorcycle one mount comes with an adjustable phone carrying handle 
  • The mount has a large clamp handle with an ideal diameter size 
  • This motorcycle cell phone mount has a firm premium grip 
  • The motorcycle phone mount weighs 3.36 Oz.

The instant clamp-based motorcycle phone mounts are quite trendy these days. This Roam motorcycle phone mount is also an instant mount to attach to your handlebar without complicated installation. 

The security of the motorcycle phone mount is quite sturdy due to its corner silicon handles. The phone mount has universal compatibility with all motorcycles. 


  • Premium plastic material
  • Silicon side handles
  • Highly secure
  • Strong grip
  • Six-point of contacts
  • Co-pilot technology
  • Convenient installation 
  • Stable design 
  • Stretchable clamp handle
  • Durable support corners


  • Only compatible for phones up to 3.5 inches wide
  • Not ideal for absorbing shock 

Final Words

The motorcycle phone mount is relatively stable and has size sided protection bar. Despite being a novice rider in the field, you can install this motorcycle phone mount seamlessly. Besides, this handle mount is compatible with all types of motorcycles and bicycles. 

Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount 

Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount with Wireless and USB Charger


  • The motorcycle phone mount has a unique wireless design 
  • The bike phone mount is suitable for motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and boats
  • The bike mount has an aluminum frame for durability 
  • It features the custom option between wired and wireless charging 
  • The phone mount has four contact corners with durable rubber padding
  • The bike phone mount is practical for rough and bumpy terrain due to its shock-absorbing frame

This motorcycle phone mount has multiple advantages in addition to supporting your mobile. The phone mount comes with the latest wireless technology to keep your phone charged. It means if you are using navigation, the holder will keep your phone charged.

You can also rotate the frame of this motorcycle phone mount up to 360 degrees. It’s your choice whether to place the phone horizontally or vertically on this phone mount. 


  • 360-degrees rotational frame
  • Wireless charging technology
  • USB port C
  • It comes with installation tools
  • Four padded corners
  • Remarkable grip 
  • Shock absorption capabilities
  • Anti-theft cap 
  • multiple vehicle compatibility


  • Slow charging speed 

Final Words

This motorcycle phone mount comes with advanced technical features. Most importantly, it allows you to charge the phone through a wireless connection. Also, the phone mount’s installation may be complicated, but it comes with proper utility tools. So, you won’t have to find the hexagon wrench to install this motorcycle phone mount precisely. 

Metal Motorcycle Mount

Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone


  • The mount is compatible with the cell phone up to 3.5 inches in width and 0.5 inches in thickness.
  • The phone mount has a swivel joint ball for flexibly adjusting the frame angle.
  • The entire metal frame of the phone mount can absorb a reasonable amount of shock. 
  • The diameter of the phone mount can fit on the handlebar with sizes 7/8 inches to 1.25 inches.
  • The smartphone mount has all types of weather resistance
  • The rotation ball allows you to use the frame in both landscape or portrait form

This metal mount frame for a motorcycle indicates strength as its main trait. The metal body of the mount has a slinger-free installation and has a large clip to set it on the handlebar. Despite having two contact points, the hold of this motorcycle mount is rock solid. 

You can use a screwdriver to open the clamp to tighten it around the handlebar. 


  • Solid grip
  • Dual contact point
  • Instant installation 
  • Aluminum metal frame
  • Shock absorption capacity 
  • Durable frame
  • High industrial strength
  • Swivel joint ball
  • Stretchable holding clip 


  • Not suitable for mobiles thicker than 0.5 inches and broader than 3.5 inches

Final Words

The support of this motorcycle mount is adjustable. And you can adjust the frame to a comfortable viewing angle after its installation. The phone mount has a lightweight frame yet gives maximum protection to your mounted phone. 

Universal Motorcycle Control Mount

Techmount 4-31001-B - Control Mount Kit


  • The motorcycle phone mount has highly flexible claws for maximum adjustment
  • The mount has a firm grip with dual contact points
  • The flexible phone mount has the diverse design to hold camera and iPod as well
  • The lightweight motorcycle phone mount is even compatible with bicycles and other heavy-duty motorcycles
  • The motorcycle phone mount weighs 7.2 Oz.

The motorcycle phone mount has a handle positioning design. Rather than mounting it on the handlebar, its design is more suitable for the handle. 

The aluminum metal gives this phone mount a premium look and hence is the perfect companion for your Harley Davidson. The strength of this phone mount is 3x more dependable than average phone holders. 


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Dual contact grip 
  • Strong supporting clamp
  • Adjustable holding claw
  • Lifetime durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Safety clamps
  • Scratch resistive claw


  • Only suitable for mobile with 4.2 inches of width 

Final Words

The installation of this motorcycle phone mount is relatively tricky, but it’s worth the trouble. The Package comes with all the nails and bolts required for assembling and mounting this phone holder on the bike.

The inner motorcycle phone mount claw has soft finishing so as not to scratch your smartphone screen. Also, the frame doesn’t cover the chagrining port and headphone jack, so you can freely use all the functions.

Upgraded 2021 Motorcycle Mount

Upgraded 2021 Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount


  • The phone mount doesn’t cover the camera and the power buttons of your phone.
  • There are multiple rubber holding corners in the phone mount to strengthen the grip.
  • The plastic body of the motorcycle phone munt has impact resistance 
  • The motorcycle phone mount has metal, plastic, and rubber construction 
  • The clam of the phone mount is suitable for a handlebar from 0.5 to 1.7inches in diameter
  • The motorbike phone mount is operational for ATV, motorbikes, and bicycles
  • The bike phone mount has 360-degree rotation with position locking 

CAW.CAR presents this upgraded motorcycle phone mount with multiple modifications. Unlike a traditional claw design, this mount has stress-releasing straps. The motorcycle phone mount completely supports the phone from the back. The claw mount puts a lot of pressure on the phone screen, while this upgraded model features stress-free holding straps. 

When you are not using the phone mount, you can use its back knob as a mobile pop socket for holding your phone. 


  • Great coverage
  • Stress-free handles
  • Convenient mounting 
  • Multiple contact points 
  • Soft rubber straps
  • Metal support
  • Impact resistance
  • Shock absorbing clip
  • Plastic clamp
  •  Position locking system 
  • Pop socket 


  • The phone mount can’t hold the larger phone 

Final Words

The motorcycle mount has back support that comes with a locking feature. You can set the angle of the phone and then lock it in that position. 

You can install this mount on your bike with a single knob. You don’t need a wrench or screwdriver but can even tighten the knob with your hands. 

Metal Bike & Motorcycle Mount

Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount


  • The claw of the phone holder can open up to the 3.7 inches 
  • There is a swivel joint that can rotate the motorcycle phone mount up to 360-degrees
  • The phone mount has a metal clamp suitable for tubular handlebar from 0.2 inches to 1.9 inches
  • The phone mount has a rubber grip in addition to an adjustable claw for added safety 
  • The bike phone holder doesn’t require a separate toolkit for installation 

The unbreakable phone mount is from the CAW.CAR accessories and has a truthfully indestructible frame. This motorbike phone mount contains a silicon grip that is quite strong and stretchable. One more benefit of this motorcycle phone mount is that it doesn’t scratch your phone screen. 

The flexible design of the motorcycle phone holder can accommodate almost all sizes of smartphones. 


  • Instant installation
  • Metal and rubber construction
  • Durable metal support
  • Scratch resistive silicon 
  • Flexible gripping straps
  • Compatible with tubular handlebar
  • Soft silicone grip 
  • Rotational joint
  • Absorbs phone vibration 
  • Highly secure
  • Unbreakable metal clamp


  • The phone mount can’t stand big shocks

Final Words

You can have full access to your phone even when it’s clamped inside the phone mount. The design of the holder doesn’t cover the camera or button of the phone. You can even connect the phone with a headphone jack while it’s installed on your motorcycle.

Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Mount

Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount


  • The motorcycle phone mount has a unique PU padding for anti-slip 
  • The holder has a silicon clasp on all corners of the phone for better grip
  • The phone in the range of 4.5 inches to 7 inches in length are suitable for the phone mount
  • The motorcycle phone mount has the unique rotational design to adjust the angle between 360-degrees
  • The clamp of the phone mount can fit on the handlebar with a diameter of 0.8 to 1.6 inches

Bovon has invested its energy in making the motorcycle phone mount unshakable. You can consider the motorcycle phone holder as one of the safest products in the market. Compared to other brands that focus on style and installation, Bovon accounts for its safety-oriented design.

You can rotate the frame to set a viewing angle, but make sure to tighten the knob after proper adjustment. 


  • Anti-shake design 
  • Cross-sectional claw
  • Highly stable grip 
  • Anti-scratch silicone handles
  • 360-degree rotation 
  • Full access to the smartphone
  • Non-slip padding 


  • The corner clamps of the phone mount are not that stretchable 

Final Words

You can use this motorcycle phone mount on uneven roads, but it’s unsuitable for highly bumpy roads. Although it has a shock-absorbing trait still can’t hold the extreme bumps. The shocks can loosen the knob of the handle, which can cause your phone to fall. 

Mongoora Motorcycle Mount 

Mongoora Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount


  • The motorcycle phone mount can adjust between 2.2 inches to 3.7 inches
  • The joint ball at the back of the frame rotates and supports the smartphone
  • The adjustment clamp of the phone mount has three positional settings
  • The handlebar with a diameter of 0.9 to 1.3 inches can accommodate this motorcycle phone mount
  • The phone mount has silicon butterfly bands for corner protection and better grip 

The Mongoora gives the advantage of three free adjustable straps along with the phone mount. Additionally, the motorcycle mount has a firm grip that can protect your phone even under intense bumps. 

If you want to change your viewing angle, simply rotate the knob on the back of its frame. This way, you can adjust the position of the phone mount without using any screw.


  • Intense protection
  • Three additional bands
  •  Highly flexible claw
  • Rotational joint ball 
  • Three clamp positions
  • Silicon bands
  • Added protection
  • Scratch resistive bands


  • The phones wider than 3.7 inches may not git in the motorcycle phone handle.

Final Words

This motorcycle phone handle has a very economical price and a reasonable shock-absorbing frame. Also, you can change the butterfly band on the holder for increased protection. When riding on the straight road, you can only use the adjustable clamp to hold the phone. But on off-road terrain, you can engage the silicon band on the phone mount for more safety. 

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More or less, you are entrusting your cell phone to the motorcycle phone mount. So, it’s better to be careful than to be sorry later. Give extra attention to your selection of motorbike phone holders. The motorcycle phone mount indeed gives multiple leverages to an adventure rider. But if you won’t select it carefully, you can end up losing your cell phone during an adventure ride. 

Motorcycle riders need to unveil all those characteristics that your motorcycle phone mount should have. 


Firstly, you need to check whether the motorcycle phone mount you are buying is compatible with your cell phone. If there is any issue in regards to compatibility, it can compromise the safety of your phone. There is an X-hanger bar on the motorcycle hone mount to keep your phone at a place. 

The new models of premium motorcycle hone mount had additional elastic straps on the sides. You should also check whether the x-hanger can expand enough to grip your phone firmly. 


The durability of your motorcycle gear is essential. Durable equipment can last longer than other average motorcycle gear. The premium phone mounts should excel in their durability. Mostly you will consider durability if you ride on the off-road terrains. The bumpy road can cause your smartphone to fall if the frame holding it is not durable. 

The durable motorcycle mounts can grip your phone securely to boost the experience of an eventful adventure ride. 


High-quality material is a must thing in the manufacturing of your motorcycle mount. The premium quality of material includes the by-products of plastic to sustain the wind flow. The motorcycle phone mount with quality manufacturing can stand firm even at high speed. 

You can also get motorcycle phone mounts containing aluminum or zinc to ensure toughness and stability. The motorcycle phone mounts containing rubber and silicon are also available but are relatively less stable.

Shock Absorption 

Just like you need the shock absorption traits in your motorcycle wheels, your phone mount also requires it. The purpose of shock absorption is to impart comfort. And if your motorcycle phone mount can absorb shock, it means it’s relatively more stable. 

You can set and install your mobile phone in a better way if the frame can absorb shocks from bumpy terrains. 


Some of the metal motorcycle phone mounts require tricky installation. Like you need specific screws and wrench to install it. Try avoiding such complex procedures of phone mount installation. Although for the sake of safety, all the motorcycle phone mounts require screw installation. Therefore, it’s better to get the one that’s easy to install on your bike. 


Many riders prefer the phone mount’s universal size to stay away from later trouble. But the universal fit design is not always suitable for all phone types. Properly check the dimensions of the phone mount before installing it. 

Handlebar Compatibility 

If you are using a mount RAM to attach it with the handlebar, it should have a diameter compatible with the handlebar.


Lastly, check whether the motorcycle cell phone mount is secure to place your smartphone. Some RAM mounts have an additional rubber grip for securing your cell phone in place. In contrast, some of the motorcycle mounts come with magnetic attachments for security purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put a phone mount on a motorcycle?

The phone mounts come with dual bolt installation so that you can install them anywhere on your handle rod. Just make sure to screw the bolts tightly. Set the mount position where it’s comfortable for you to peak at your smart screen. 

How do you install a fork stem mount?

Firstly, put the expansion plug of the fork stem mount on the fork hole of your bike to measure the length. Then cut the expansion plug up to that length and make a second cut with one inch of distance. Now select the tooth grip washer that matches the size of the narrow end of the expansion plug. Add on a brass nut in the pocket of the washer. 

Now select the stainless-steel washer that matches the broader part of the expansion plug. Lastly, take the bolt, place it in the fork’s base, and attach the washer. Attach expansion plug and the grip washer and screw it all tightly. Push down this frame in the fork hole of your bike to mount it. 

How do I fix my RAM mount?

If your RAM mount comes with a clip attachment, you can adjust the clip to fix it. Riders who prefer instant RAM mount can set it on their bike using a single screw. 

Are Ram Mounts any good?

Yes, the RAM mounts are quite sturdy and come with a firm grip. Whether it’s your camera or cell phone, you can fit it all in a RAM mount. 

Are magnetic phone holders bad for your phone?

No, the magnetic phone holder doesn’t leave a negative impact on your mobile phone. You simply need to carefully install and mount your phone on the magnetic phone holders. 


A motorcycle phone mount can sever you more advantages than you can imagine. And what’s more, it’s the perfect gadget to place your phone on while using navigational maps. You can use your smartphone more conveniently in the practical aspect if it is attached to a proper phone mount.

We have exhibited only the best motorcycle phone holder that has exceptional grip and stability. These motorbike phone mounts have an elaborative design to accommodate universal phone size. 

The best bike phone mount lets you use your smartphone as a constant riding companion. However, make sure not to get too indulge in using your phone while riding.