In the eventful summer rides, many of us fall victim to sun tanning. Being a biker, your exposure to the sun is far greater than other people, especially in summers. At one point, riding a bike gives you a cooling effect when airflow brushes through your body in summer. But at the same time, the harmful UV rays do more to your hands than you can imagine. 

So, what’s the solution? I am sure wearing gloves in summer might look like a hassle. The thought of wearing hard protective gloves sticking to your hands with constant perspiration gives me chills.  

For this very emerging issue, motorcycle gear manufacturing brands have put much effort into making summer gloves. Yes, the lightweight and breathable gloves can give you a cooling effect in the summer. 

And when you are wearing summer motorcycle gloves, you will have enough protection and breathability. So, no more tanning issues, no more precipitation, just a gentle touch of an airy feel. Here we have topped up some of the highly reliable motorcycle summer gloves for the riders. 

Here is a list of the Best Motorcycle Gloves in 2021 & 2022

  • Alpinestars Leather Motorcycle Glove
  • Dainese Bora Textile Motorcycle Gloves
  • Spidi Flash Ce L Motorcycle Gloves
  • Dainese Blackjack Gloves
  • Milwaukee Leather Gloves
  • Motorcycle Gloves – Full Finger
  • SCOYCO Breathable ATV Gloves
  • Hugger Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars Leather Motorcycle Glove

Alpinestars Men's SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 Leather Motorcycle Glove


  • The motorcycle summer gloves contain polyurethane.
  • There are grip inserts in the summer motorcycle gloves containing microfiber and PU.
  • The gloves are designed to impart added strength to its thumb 
  • The inner of the summer motorcycle glove has a 3D mesh 
  • The unique stretch of the gloves gives you agile hand movement
  • The outer of the summer gloves contains carbon knuckle guards
  • There is EVA foam padding on the inner of the summer gloves for impact absorption 

For motorcyclists who prefer elite motorcycle gears, Alpinestars offer excellent biking gloves. You can use the SMX-2 model of motorcycle summer gloves as they have durable leather manufacturing. 

All the features this summer glove impart are on a different level. The motorcycle summer gloves come in a wide color and sizing variety. 


  • Loop and hook closure
  • Full-grain leather 
  • 3D-mesh 
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Absorbs impact
  • Comfortable EVA padding 
  • Ergonomic stretch 
  • highly breathable
  • Multiple layered for durability
  • Microfiber grip 


  • Costly 

Final Words

This SMX-2 model of motorcycle leather gloves is top-notch in every aspect. Whether you want flexibility or protection, the design of these gloves covers top features. It can protect you against accidents and gives you a comfortable and airy feel while riding. 

Dainese Bora Textile Motorcycle Gloves

Dainese Bora Textile Motorcycle Gloves


  • The knuckles on these summer gloves contain polyurethane
  • The palm of these biking gloves has microsuede reinforcement
  • There is protective micro inject inserts on the fingers of these riding gloves
  • These summer motorcycle gloves have the quality certificate of CE and Cat.
  • The cuff material of these summer gloves has elastic neoprene
  • These summer gloves have pre-designed curved fingers
  • These summer gloves come with a cuff strap to adjust your hand finely 

The Dainese summer gloves have elastic textile manufacturing to make them flexible and breathable. You can use these biking gloves for summer sports riding and street riding. The reinforced material comes on the fingers, wrist, and knuckles of these gloves. 

There are added micro injectors on the fingers to make them more dependable in accidental situations. 


  • Lightweight
  • Mesh fabric 
  • Suitable for sports ride
  • Short cuff design 
  • Neoprene cuffs
  • Breathable inserts
  • Adjustment strap
  • Hard knuckles 


  • The gloves are not that active in using touchscreen

Final Words

The gloves have soft conductive materials on the fingers and thumb to operate smart devices. These lightweight summer gloves have some generous ventilation traits. The inner of these summer gloves are moisture-wicking. The synthetic leather palm is the reason why these summer gloves are so lightweight. 

Spidi Flash Ce L Motorcycle Gloves

Spidi Flash Ce L


  • These summer riding gloves have EN safety certification 
  • The motorcycle summer gloves have a proper elastic zone for properly moving your hands
  • The back of the summer gloves contains textile fabric for ventilation 
  • The gloves come with unique reflective inserts for improving night visibility
  • The summer riding gloves has the elastic neoprene cuffs 
  • These riding gloves incorporate the double-layered palm 

If you want to breathe in the summer cruise riding, you can use these Spidi summer gloves. They are relatively more breathable than most riding gloves. They have a soft textile texture that circulates the air and is comfortable for the rider. 

The palm and finger of the summer motorcycle glove have additional padding for better grip. 


  • Highly durable construction 
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist band
  • Reinforced palm and fingers
  • Padded knuckles
  • Short cuff style
  • Synthetic suede palm 
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Stretchable design 
  • Reflective inserts


  • These summer gloves only provide light impact absorption 

Final Words

These motorcycle gloves naturally fit pretty well on the hands of the rider. The overall elastic synthesis of these summer gloves makes them highly flexible. Besides, these gloves come in a unisex design and are suitable for both men and women. 

These Spidi Flash motorcycle summer gloves are compatible with street and sports riding. 

Dainese Blackjack Gloves 

Dainese 201815437005XL


  • These motorcycle summer gloves weigh 3.53 Oz.
  • The outer covering of the motorcycle summer gloves has goatskin leather 
  • Al the reinforced padding in these motorcycle gloves have perforated areas for ventilation 
  • The summer gloves have a flexible and adjustable strap around the wrist
  • The motorcycle gloves have unique carbon inserts that keep the strength of the gloves 
  • These summer gloves follow the safety standards of CE Cat. II
  • These gloves are designed to confront a high level of abrasion resistance

This pair of summer gloves have leather manufacturing yet is quite breathable. Unlike other leather motorcycle gloves that are low on breathable traits, this glove features a unique ventilating design.

These biking gloves are entirely secure and go well with multiple riding styles. Additionally, these motorcycle summer gloves have an elastic formation that adapts with your hand. 


  • Goatskin leather 
  • Flexible hand movement
  • Micro elastic seams
  • Perforated areas 
  • Breathable design
  • Durable structure 
  • Retro style
  • Tighten straps
  • Safety certification 
  • Carbon finer inserts


  • These gloves don’t protect the wrist area

Final Words

These summer gloves are protective gear with highly elasticated inner bearing. Both male and female motorcycle riders can use these gloves with ease and comfort. The hard knuckles of these gloves don’t put any pressure on the hand. Instead, the inner padding of these motorcycle summer gloves is flexible and plushy. 

Milwaukee Leather Gloves 

Milwaukee Leather Men's Premium Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves


  • The entire glove covering has perforated areas to promote the breathability
  • The motorcycle gloves have a soft padded palm with exclusive gel padding
  • Both the inner and outer of these gloves have a soft feel
  • These summer leather gloves impart reliable resistance against the abrasion
  • The gloves feature a flexible wrist strap design for ideal adjustment
  • The material on the tips of these motorcycle gloves generates excess grip
  • These motorcycle gloves weigh 6.4 Oz.

Milwaukee is another top brand that ranks as one of the best sellers for manufacturing motorcycle gears. The specialty of the Milwaukee products is their cost-effectiveness. The cruiser gloves from Milwaukee presents superior quality protection at a reasonable rate. 


  • Affordable 
  • High-quality manufacturing 
  • Hook and loop wrist strap
  • Premium leather 
  • Gel palm 
  • Abrasion resistance 
  • Soft knuckles
  • Perforated ventilation 
  • Rigid and durable structure
  • Protected cruiser gloves


  • Slightly heavier

Final Words

These motorcycle gloves are relatively more comfortable compared to other biking brands. The inner palm padding in these riding gloves has a soft relaxing gel. And the knuckles of the gloves are also quite gentle on the inside. 

You may feel that these motorcycle cruiser gloves are slightly heavier compared to other summer gloves.

Motorcycle Gloves – Full Finger 

Motorcycle Gloves Full Finger for Road Racing Bike


  • The summer gloves have the cotton manufacturing
  • The summer motorcycle gloves have nylon covering for abrasion resistance
  • There are hard-shell PVC knuckles on the outer surface of these gloves for protection 
  • The gloves contain high-quality 3D-mesh for better air circulation 
  • The cotton fabric ensures the moisture-wicking property of the gloves
  •  The fingertips of the gloves have added impact protection 
  • The summer motorcycle gloves also have sharp reflective strips

This Powersports motorcycle summer glove comes with an exclusive seasonal design. Typically, motorcycle gloves are either inclined towards comfort or protection. But these summer gloves give you both advantages with high quality. 

Whether it’s the ventilation or the protection, these gloves grant both these facilities equally. 


  • Shock-absorbing foam 
  • Reinforced padding 
  • Breathable mesh construction 
  • Wrist gripping strap
  • Cotton inner 
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • Touch screen compatible 
  • Visibility strips
  • Nylon outer covering 
  • Hard knuckles 
  • Affordable 


  • Low durability due to lightweight manufacturing 

Final Words

You can wear these breathable summer gloves for either riding a street bike or an adventure bike. These motorcycle summer gloves feature an ergonomic design along with highly durable shock-absorbing pads. 

The cotton fabric makes these motorcycle summer gloves as soft as possible. You can also use your touch devices while wearing these summer riding gloves. 

SCOYCO Breathable ATV Gloves

SCOYCO Anti-Slip Breathable Reinforced Adjustable Cycling Full Finger Motorcycle GlovesMC29


  • These summer gloves have a significant part of polyester construction for ventilation. 
  • The gloves contain 10% of polypropylene on the knuckles, and ginger joins
  • The overall gloves contain the breathable polyester material 
  • The motorcycle summer glove has a unique design with PVC particles on the palm for grip
  • There is an injection shell on the palm and outer surface of these gloves
  • The gloves are quick to absorb all types of shocks
  • The summer motorcycle gloves weigh 4.9 Oz.
  • The dual layers of fabric and shell make these gloves durable against abrasion.
  • The knitted fabric on these gloves give way to proper ventilation 

The SCOYCO provides excellent quality gloves for cruiser bikes. The gloves come at a reasonable price with the added anti-slip feature. In addition to moisture-wicking traits, these summer gloves also have a fantastic grip.

There are also added knuckles on the top of these gloves that are solely for protecting your hand. And these riding gloves also have lightweight padding that acts as an excellent shock absorbing agent. 


  • Shock absorbing 
  • Protective knuckles
  • Anti-slip PVC frame
  • Trendy style
  • Perforated vents
  • Finger protective shells
  • Velcro closure 
  • 85% polyester 


  • The soft palm of these gloves is not durable against the slide

Final Words

When you look at the design of these summer gloves, you can find small protective shells on the fingers. These shells act as a vent to circulate air and also protect your finger joints. Unlike other summer gloves, these riding gloves also protect the fingers in addition to knuckles. 

Hugger Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Hugger Men's Summer Touring Spandex and Leather Motorcycle Gloves


  • There is a double padded palm on the inner side of the motorcycle summer gloves.
  • The gloves have a durable wrist strap to adjust the glove as per your wrist size.
  • The spandex material allows maximum flexibility in wearing these summer gloves.
  • The durability of these motorcycle leather gloves is 5x stronger 
  • The spandex protects your hands from UV rays and sunburn 
  • The summer gloves have a carpel tunnel design to go for long-haul rides

Here are the most remarkable summer gloves that are effective against rainy weather. The motorcycle summer gloves have a flexible design and protect the rider with their durable leather frame. 

The gloves contain spandex for a proper fit design and leather for abrasion resistance. 


  • Water-resistant 
  • Premium leather 
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Spandex fibers
  • Suitable for touring rides
  • 12-month warranty
  • Breathable perforated vents


  • No hard knuckles

Final Words

The palm of these motorcycle summer gloves comes with an additional padded layer for maximum grip. In case of fall, these gloves can protect you from abrasion, but they don’t have hard knuckle protection. Also, the spandex covering on the back of the palm makes these summer gloves relatively breathable. 

Buying Guide For Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

You can reel up multiple benefits by getting summer riding gloves. You won’t suffer from the constant tanning, and secondly, the precipitation won’t bug your handle grip. Also, you can enjoy the cooling feel in the summer with suitable biking gloves. 

One of the primary reasons for purchasing motorcycle summer gloves is to avoid numbness. If you are wearing winter gloves in the summer, stop that. The winter gloves are relatively heavier and can cause numbness in your fingers. 

Here are some of the attributes that you can find beneficial in your summer motorcycle gloves. 


Similar to the winter gloves, the summer gloves also contain carbon fiber, leather, and polyester in their manufacturing. However, the summer gloves are relatively thin compared to the winter gloves. Synthetic leather is a prime material in the manufacturing of summer motorcycle gloves. 

Synthetic leather is relatively lightweight and thin, perfect for summer rides. If you are going by the price, try not to compromise on the material of your gloves. You can compromise some other features but get the motorcycle summer gloves with high-quality material.  


The weight of the motorcycle gloves is a contributory factor for summer gloves. The bulky gloves are not suitable for summer riders as they put a lot of pressure on fingers. In summer, you need something lightweight yet durable. 

The heavy biking gloves cause a lot of sweat in hot summer. So, make a precise decision when it comes to the weight of gloves designed for summers. 


All the highly reputable brands give a detailed sizing guide before purchasing your gloves. Correctly measure your hand size, and then get the gloves that fit you perfectly. The loose motorcycle gloves make it hard to formulate a grip on the motorcycle handle.

Similarly, tight gloves irritate and restrict the movement of your hands while riding a motorcycle. 


There is the summer mesh inner that most of the motorcycle gloves contain. The mesh ensures that the air is properly flowing through the gloves to give you a cooling effect. The summer motorbike gloves should have this feature if you want to get rid of sweat. 


Mostly the motorcycle summer cursing gloves rarely contain the waterproofing attributes. But the premium-quality motorcycle summer gloves are designed with waterproof seams. The synthetic leather motorcycle gloves often represent waterproofing.

But the economical motorcycle summer gloves often skip this trait to make them cost-effective. 


The summer gloves also have a reasonable protective measure. There are hard knuckles n the outer surface of the gloves to protect your hands and wrist. Moreover, the inner plushy material of the motorcycle gloves also protects the hand by absorbing impact. 

You also get a reasonable amount of tan protection by wearing motorcycle summer gloves.

Type of Gloves

If you want breathability and protection in summer gloves, the ideal type is short cuff gloves. They barely cover the wrist but are very airy and cool in the hot summers. 

The second type of summer gloves includes gauntlet style. They are more protective with comprehensive coverage but are relatively less breathable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which motorcycle gloves are best?

There are multiple types of riding gloves based on the motorcycle you ride. The Alpinestars motorbike gloves offer the best deals for sports, street, or off-road riding. SCOYCO motorcycle gloves might seem fit if you enjoy motorcycle riding on a tourer or cruiser. 

Should motorcycle gloves be tight?

No, the motorcycle gloves shouldn’t be tight or loose but should fit perfectly on your hand. The tight motorcycle gears can cause discomfort to the rider. Besides, wearing tight summer gloves can reduce the grip and agility of your hand. 

Why do motorcycle gloves have hard knuckles?

Hard knuckles are an indispensable part of motorcycle safety gloves. Akin to other motorcycle safety gears, the hard knuckles protect your hands against abrasion. So, whether you are wearing winter or summer gloves, hard knuckles are a must-have feature. 

What are the best motorcycle gloves to wear in summer?

You can try using Milwaukee as they present highly breathable summer gloves at the best prices. 

What are the best waterproof motorcycle gloves?

Waterproofing is a trait that’s more closely associated with winter riding gloves. But Huger is a best seller that introduces waterproofing characteristics in summer motorcycle gloves. 


No more holding back; with proper summer gloves, you can push your throttle to explore the road under the sun. The motorcycle summer gloves are although lightweight but have adequate safety placings to protect your hands. 

There is no need to waste a lot of time surfing through the internet to decide on your summer gloves. We have enlisted the best motorcycle gloves manufacturing brands here. 

Now it’s up to you to choose the best summer gloves for giving a touch of safety and luxury to your summer rides. Whether you want premium quality gloves with a higher price or economical summer gloves, it’s your call to make.